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Why a Water Flosser Might be a Good Idea

Today, we're discussing the water flosser, also known as interdental cleaner, interdental irrigator, or water jet. The first water-shooting device for cleaning between teeth was created in the early 1960's by Colorado dentist Dr. Gerald Moyer and John Mattingly, a hydraulics engineer. The tool is now known by the brand name Waterpik, though many people use the term generically. Since its origin, many other companies have entered the market with similar products. (Note: Edmonds Woodway Dental Care does not necessarily endorse ... Read more

Is It Growing In Your Mouth?

Believe it or not plaque can rear its ugly head in any Mountlake Terrace mouth - even yours - no matter how meticulous you try to be. If you have deep grooves, watch out. If you have a receding gum line, watch out. If you are a candy-loving Mountlake Terrace resident with the proverbial sweet tooth, watch out. The plaque process goes something like this: Bacteria naturally occurs in the mouth, always will. Bacteria will try to colonize on the smooth ... Read more

A Standard Of Excellence In Mountlake Terrace

Edmonds Woodway Dental Care provides local dentistry to the residents of Mountlake Terrace and the greater Edmonds area. If you are looking for a trusted dentist, we invite you to consider Edmonds Woodway Dental Care. Dr. Michael Hrankowski has been keeping smiles healthy and beautiful since 1982. We offer full-service dentistry for every member of your family in a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you need preventative dentistry to maintain your healthy teeth or restorative dentistry to address all of your dental ... Read more

Preventing Tooth Decay In Washington

In Washington, tooth decay is one of the most common childhood problems, yet tooth decay also affects adults. Edmonds Woodway Dental Care serves people from 50 to 100 years old to help fight tooth decay. Bacteria is a common cause of tooth decay. Bacteria live in your mouth and combine with plaque and acids to break down the enamel coating on your teeth. The breakdown of your tooth enamel can often result in the development of small holes in your ... Read more

Mountlake Terrace Cosmetic Dental Artistry

Mountlake Terrace cosmetic dentistry is part science and part art. I’m Michael Hrankowski of Edmonds Woodway Dental Care and enjoy using my extensive dental training and artistic skills to design treatment plans unique to each of my Mountlake Terrace cosmetic dental patients. In order to achieve an attractive, yet natural looking result, I do much more than recommend specific procedures. I consider the shape, alignment, color and condition of the teeth. In order to create a balanced look, ... Read more
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