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Holistic Dental Alternatives to An Amalgam Tooth Filling

Staying true to our holistic approach to dentistry, we do not offer any filling material that contains mercury at Edmonds Woodway Dental Care in Mountlake Terrace. With today’s technology, there are many great alternatives to amalgam tooth fillings.


  • Zirconia: This tooth-colored, ultra-hard, ultra-strong ceramic is the best alternative to gold or other metals for crowns on molar teeth. Life span: 20+ years
  • eMax: This is reinforced lithium disilicate glass material has excellent strength and esthetic properties. Life span: 20+ years
  • Composite Resin (“White” tooth filling): This plastic putty-like material contains ceramic particles. The dentist places it in the cavity and hardens it with a high-intensity light. This newer material has excellent strength and esthetic properties. Life span:15-20 years.

Contact Seattle area holistic dental practice Edmonds Woodway Dental Care at 425-775-3446 if would like to replace your amalgam tooth filling. Dr. Michael Hrankowski has been a mercury-free holistic dental practitioner for over 20 years and looks forward to helping you make a positive change in your health if you are in the Edmonds – Shoreline area.