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Meet Dr. Vi Hsiung at Edmonds Woodway Dental Care

Dr. Vi Hsiung is a graduate of Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry and has been practicing as a general dentist in Seattle since 2002. She also worked as a dental hygienist in her hometown of Honolulu, HI, and in New York City. Her commitment to provide quality and compassionate dental care is evident in her enrollment in a variety of continuing-education courses and dental study clubs past and present.

Dr. Vi Hsiung met Dr. Hrankowski when she joined the Tucker Gold Study Club in 2003, and he has served as a mentor and a role model in the dental field ever since. She shares his passion for excellence in cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry, as well as his gentle approach to treating patients with the utmost respect and care.

Apart from dentistry, Dr. Vi Hsiung enjoys hanging out with her family and dog, hiking, traveling, cooking easy gourmet recipes, and baking to satisfy her sweet tooth.